I feel these things. These things I have not permitted myself to feel. Things I thought I’d hidden.
I feel these things that don’t make so much sense. And yet I totally understand.
Tidal waves.
I feel.
Funny. I feel.
I am more of an “I think” person.
I think things. Through things. Of things. About things. In spite of things.
I think.
I think things that I’m not allowed to think of. Things I’d be shot dead if I let on. Things that are better left unsaid.

I can’t help but be this awesome person that I am. It’s a blessing… Or a curse?
I didn’t ask to be born this way. But I thank God I am though.
I mean, I can’t imagine any part of me or my life being any different than it is and actually working out.
I am a rainbow of thoughts, feelings and awesomeness.
A constellation of wonders.
I am who I am.
Flaws and fortes.
And I would not have it any other way!

I know that I confuse you at times.
Heck! Even I need a guidebook to my own life.
So believe me, I understand. And if there was something I could do… I just might. But the truth is, I am me. And you are you.
Our differences are almost Guinness Book of World Records worthy. Almost.
However, for some mundane reason, like belief, I am not gone. You’re still here. We are still working through this puzzle.
I would ask you to meet me halfway but I’m not sure where it’s at. Or I could ask to come over to your side, but I can’t see you quite clearly. Between your storms and my hurricane, everything is such a blurr. But I can hear you, and I believe you can hear me too.
So let’s just keep talking, and keep walking, and hopefully, maybe, one day, we’d end up in front of each other… Somewhere in between.



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