No! Don’t come out!!!

Have you ever seen a movie where the victim almost didn’t die? Like if they’d stayed in the closet or under the bed, or wherever they’d hidden for just an extra five seconds, they just might have lived long enough to see the bad guy die at the end?

Have you ever wondered why they were so impatient to come out? Why they couldn’t hold in their curiosity for just a while longer than they already had?
Have you ever wondered why the bad guy lingered when they obviously thought they had lost?

Do these things even cross your mind?

That perhaps the bad guy understood patience a little more than the good guy. That perhaps the bad guy knew that if they didn’t make any presumptions, they just might make the kill.
Or perhaps the good guy overestimated the good luck they’d been blessed with since the beginning of the movie.
Maybe they thought that the worst had already happened and they were still alive. What else could possible go wrong, they thought.
And how wrong they were.

So in the end, the one who stayed a little longer was able to kill the one who came out a tad too soon.

Most often that’s how it is all the time in my life. When I almost win, we assume I’ve already won. And then I let go… I come out… I die.
Other times I have been hanging on for so long, I feel it is finally time to let go. I feel I can let go now and not beat myself for giving up “too soon”. And just as I start to fall, just as gravity begins to drag me into this pit I refused to fall into, I look up and see that the help I so desperately prayed for has arrived. A little longer and I’d have been saved. If I’d held on for just a second longer…

A little longer…

So I am sitting here, with my plate already full of things that are screaming for my long overdue attention. Yet, somehow, I manage to have time to think about how and why the good guy died. Thinking about what ifs and could-have-beens. Forgetting one thing.
The good guy and the bad guy had a script.
I do not.



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