Oh my sweetheart,
I love you so
In my heart
I love you so
When you go
Come back again
In your dreams
Remember me

When I was a baby my mum sang songs for me. With her own lyrics in her ‘not-so-great-voice’ that I love but won’t tell her.
This was my favourite. And the one that stuck after all these years.

When I was growing up and I was in pain, she’d put my head on her bosom or laps, depending, and she’d sing to me while patting my head or rubbing my back.

I learnt love from my mum.


Recently, when I went back home, I reminded her of the song. This song.
I’m sure she would’ve cried if I didn’t tease her.
She could not believe I remembered the song. Or anything for that matter.
But I was wondering, how could I not?!

When my siblings and I were growing up, my mum used to tell stories. Some afternoons, we’d all play football outside. My mum actually plays really good football, with her left and right!!!
Other times we went jogging. Well mostly her while we ran ahead till we were breathless.
There were times we’d have aerobics classes at home. She being the instructor, of course. With music and everything.
At night, she would tell us stories and jokes. Some she made up, others she already knew. With dancing and singing.
She taught us how to play many indoor games.

Among all of these, my mother taught us to pray. She taught us to pray in every given situation no matter how big or small.
Every time we went to her about a problem she’d ask, “Have you prayed about it?”
At a point, I found that annoying. I mean, here I am telling you about what is bothering me and you’re asking if I’ve prayed. Who said I came to hear that? Then she would let us pray. And she would explain that she may be able to do something, but God can do everything.


One day, I needed to talk to her but I couldn’t. I wasn’t home anymore. She wasn’t at my beck and call. I was frustrated.
Then I realized, even if I spoke to her she would ask me, “Have you prayed about it?”
I didn’t have to wait for her to ask, I prayed about it. And I never stopped praying.

I don’t do the whole open display of love and feelings thing. But I guess today, I can cut me some slack and go all emotional.

I love my mum. A lot.

I may hate on her a lot when we are together cause we like our thing spicy.
But don’t get it twisted, I would kill for her. And not bat an eye.
Believe that.



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