Okay, so this is probably weird. But I am quite the weird child so I guess I am right on the mark.
See, I have this mosquito analogy. I feel it’s not supposed to make sense but no matter how hard I deny it, it makes a lot of sense to me.

When I was in high school, I studied Biology. That information on it’s own is pretty meaningless. Apologies.
Anyway, I studied about mosquitoes and houseflies and butterflies… Among others. I was fascinated by each of the insects I studied. Their life cycle, habits, feeding, defense mechanisms. I was deeply fascinated. Well, except houseflies, those things just… I really don’t like them.
I digress.

Mosquitoes. If I remember clearly, which I think I do, they have three days to live. The adult mosquito, that is.
So this is where the plenty thinking comes in.

Do the mosquitoes know that they have just three days? Or does the time in Insectdom move slower than the time I know. Because three days?
I mean, if they knew they were going to die soon, why do they even bother feeding on me. What are they using it for? Survive. Live. I know. But they’re going to die in three days anyway. So, what’s the point?
Why bother?

I watch the mosquitoes coming into my room sometimes. Didn’t their colleagues tell them how much I hunt their kind down?
But somehow, these little fellows remain undaunted.
They even go about their activities singing. Calling for attention. Taunting me. That no matter what I do, they’re going to be gone anyway. Do your worst lady, we don’t mind, they seem to say.

A friend of mine told me that they are not singing but it’s in fact the sound of their wings that taunt me. I may know the truth, I just refuse to accept it.
Because somehow, I feel they do it on purpose.

But anyway, my question is, why do they keep going? Why don’t they just, wait for the inevitable?
I know that’s how they were created to be and everything but…
I mean, if I were a mosquito and knew what I know about my definite shelf life, I would not even raise a limb.
Starve? I’m dead anyway.
Fall sick? I’m dead anyway.
Die? That was going to happen anyway.
I just want to know why?


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