Dear Stranger,

I saw you in town today.
You had your hair up in a mess. Almost stylish. But a second look at it and I knew that it had lost a well fought battle with the wind. Somehow, the fight agrees with it though. Just saying.

I saw you take one cautious step after the other, almost afraid of the ground. Like you believed the ground could gibe up on you any moment. So even though the steps were cautious, they were equally quick. Or were you running? Away? What from? But I could tell it wasn’t always so. Like something, or someone, had stolen the assuredness in your steps.

I like your sense of fashion though. I hardly meet people who choose comfort over fashion statements and whatnot. You looked chique! Bold and confident. At least all is not lost.

Well, you don’t know me. And I hate to come off as annoying and whatnot. And it’s really none of my business either…
But you see, I live with pain. And I know you do too. You look like you’re new to this pain thing. No offence. So from someone who’s been where you are now –correct me if I’m wrong– you’ll live.

You may not recognize it right now. You may even insult me a little bit because I kinda come off as a know-it-all gossip of sorts. But just listen. Even if it’s with all the cynicism you posses. Listen.
And don’t break down.

One day, you’re going to look back on this day and wonder how you managed to convince yourself that all was lost. And perhaps you’d finally understand when I say that All is well.

I’m not saying your problem is negligible and all of that. No.
I’m just saying your story hasn’t ended. I’m saying tomorrow is going to be better.
I’m saying hold on and watch the sun rise.
I’m saying allow yourself to smile again.

I’m saying, no matter what, don’t give up.


A fellow stranger.


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