Hey Nice one,

I remind you each time about how I don’t make promises, but I never add why. I insist on being believed in, never adding the reason. I keep adding rules, but it’s definitely not how it’s supposed to be.

I wanted to start by apologizing. But these days, I’ve lost track of the things I do. And half of them aren’t much of a big deal. But I wouldn’t know. Hence the persistent need to apologize every now and then.
Another thing with an unsaid reason.


Have you seen that movie #13ReasonsWhy?It’s about this girl who offed herself and then left tapes for people to listen to. The people responsible for her suicide.
I’ve been thinking about doing something like that. Clearing the air and whatnot. It’s harder than it seems you see. More because I keep making stuff worse every time I open my mouth. Another flaw of mine. Besides, that girl was long gone by the time she did all of that confessing thing. And I’m going to be right here afterwards. Doesn’t really look that comforting from this side of


the fence.

I’ve been reading a lot of books lately. This particular one’s from Wattpad and can be found here. Pretty interesting. I kinda fell in love with it.
Anyway, I been reading a lot lately because that’s the only time I usually don’t think of you. Weird right? But… Nowadays, I find you in all the words. I don’t know how you do


But you do.

I actually didn’t plan on writing this long thing. I wanted to write something special that made a lot of sense than my usual blabbering. But look where we are now.
Another apology.


Well, these erratic thoughts are mine. These feelings though… Yours…
And these words, however senseless they may come off as, needed to be let out.


-the awesome superstar.


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